Statement of Vision and Purpose

In February of 2014, Tryphena stood atop a smoking volcano in Hawai’i and said a small, innocent prayer: “Dear Jesus, I want to be a travel writer.”

As an actor/singer and adventurer, Tryphena had been blessed with plenty of opportunities to travel within the U.S. and internationally and she found great joy sharing her stores and adventures with anyone who wanted to hear about them. She decided to begin sharing her travels on a blog. The purpose was two-fold; to encourage others like her to get off the couch and out into the world to explore for themselves and to inspire all her readers to live the life and pursue the visions placed on the inside of them, travel related or not.  After hearing the response “I’d be so afraid to do that!” after sharing many of her adventures, Tryphena declared “Fear Is Stupid” and that quickly became a life motto and catch phrase for wedontsitoncouches.

Tryphena’s approach is not typical of travel bloggers. Her only goal is to share the beauty and truth of her own experience allowing readers the opportunity to feel as if they were along for the ride.

Travel to Inspire…this is wedontsitoncouches