The Road to (not so) Secret Beach

Ambergris Caye. The northern-most of the islands of Belize is surrounded by gorgeous water that’s kept on the shallow end due to it’s proximity to Belize’s barrier reef. The main town on the island, San Pedro, is located at the southern end and full of quaint cafes, plentiful fruit stands, and small and large hotels and guest houses dotting the coast line.  The water is crystal clear and refreshing but also full of vegetation and coral at many points.

In search of a traditional beach we did a little research and learned about Secret Beach. It was about 4 miles from our part of the island and would take roughly an hour. An hour?!?! To go 4 miles?!?! Why was that the case? Well a little search on Google Maps showed quite a winding road to the other side of the island. We also read that the road was not just winding, but mostly unpaved and very bumpy. But everyone we spoke to, whether a local or tourist, assured us that the golf cart rental and bumpy ride was well worth the visit. So, we packed our beach bags and got moving. The ride was quite scenic and enjoyable, allowing a glimpse of a part of the island we would never have seen, otherwise. Little swimming alcoves, tiny toll bridges, small and large resorts, gorgeous vegetation, and the smallest police station I’ve ever seen passed us by as we put pedal to metal and made our way to the beach. In a golf cart, putting pedal to the metal had us rolling at 25-30 mph! 😂😂


It did, indeed, take us about 45 minutes to arrive but our first glance let us know that this was exactly the spot we needed for our last full day on the island. The water was absolutely perfect. The sand was soft and white and the water wasn’t much deeper than 5 feet allowing us to walk as far as our comfort would carry us. We swam, we floated, we frolicked, we (attempted bad) pole dancing😂 and chatted with the other visitors for hours. There were some fish but most were so close to the color of the sand that they were barely noticeable, save for those that chose to frolic amongst the brain coral under the pier. There were several beach side eating spots serving all manner of seafood, tacos, and mixed drinks (I chose the lion fish tacos at Pirate’s Not-So-Secret Beach Bar and Grill– delicious!) And thankfully they accept cash and plastic. It was truly a perfect spot and a perfect day. Perhaps it was a secret at one time, but definitely not anymore!

12 thoughts on “The Road to (not so) Secret Beach

  1. That beach looks like an awesome find and I’m surprised to hear the neighboring shops accepted credit card! Definitely worth the 45 minute, 4 mile trek out!

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  2. I love a good beach location. The fact that it was only 5 feet deep makes it perfect for me. I’m in need of a good beach vacation.

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