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If you’ve been following news in the U.S. this week you know it’s been a very rough week. Between the back to back deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile at the hands of the police and then the subsequent deaths of several police officers patrolling a protest in Dallas, TX, the US is mourning too much unjust loss of life.

Unfortunately theses types of deaths, black men who are gunned down by the people who have taken oaths to “serve and protect”, is all too common in this country. The phrase “Black Lives Matter” has taken hold as a rallying cry whenever we learn of another such death. There have been many people who take issue with that phrase, responding with “All Lives Matter”. I wanted to take a moment to share my head and my heart regarding the meaning of the first phrase as well as my own soul searching about how to continue on this platform. Take a look/listen. If you’d like to engage, I welcome all comments and questions.

Peace and Love, Everyone

**I recorded and shared this video before I had the chance to hear about another shooting death in Houston. I’m so tired and feeling numb. My heart and mind is overwhelmed and I don’t know what can be done. Obviously marching and fighting and shouting and protesting are going unrecognized. The “justice” system in this country remains an idea that will only work for some and not the ALL that our Constitution states. This is just…it’s just too much. And it’s even more difficult to handle when there are people who can and do protest for all other causes and remain silent on this one. Just because it’s not your problem now doesn’t mean it will never be your problem. One day it will be in your back yard. But because you said nothing when others were being persecuted, there will be no one to stand up for you.
Think about it.

At this point all I can do is continue to pray. Pray that peace will prevail. Pray that hate will no longer control us. Pray that God will bring miraculous healing to our country and our world. Pray that we will move in faith and not fear.
Will you pray with me?

Alton Sterling

Philando Castile

Alva Braziel


To the Dallas Police officers whose lives were senselessly taken, your deaths will not be in vain.

Heal our land, Lord.

6 thoughts on “In response to…

  1. Although I don’t live in the U.S, I am shocked by what I’ve seen and heard in the media. I cannot understand how this is allowed to keep on happening and there don’t seem to be any repercussions. My heart goes out to the family and friends of all those who have lost their lives.

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    1. Yes Kirsty, it is astonishing. Unfortunately we have a lot of racial issues in the U.S. that have not been dealt with. I hope that by sharing my thoughts I can bring a little understanding and perhaps, help start a conversation.


  2. I absolutely LOVED this video, thank you so much for being so open and honest and authentic. You’ve articulated exactly how I feel about travel blogging- even when I get frustrated because I feel like what I’m doing is frivolous or makes no difference, this is the mentality that I go back it. It actually reminds me of my favorite quote by Maya Angelou, which I’ve just written about on my blog:

    I look forward to following your blog!

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    1. Thank you so much for reading my post and sharing your post. I love that you were willing to share your thought process and how it changed once you became the “other”. If we can all just remember that feeling, perhaps we’d understand one another just a bit more.


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