…the hummingbird and the globe…

Have you ever experienced the stopping of time? Have you ever become so intimately connected with a single moment that you were periodically reminded of it, knowing there was a meaning beyond what you could see or know in that moment? Have you ever experienced all of creation in slow motion, at a pause or a complete stand-still just for you? …and when the moment ended found yourself catching your breath without ever knowing you lost it?

The. Perfect. Moment.
A sunny day in Nassau…
A stroll through The Cloisters…
A single hummingbird…

A little over a year ago my job as a member of the touring cast of The Lion King required me to be in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I was ecstatic to spend some time in a city that offered me three of my favorite things: beaches, clear blue water, and palm trees. I also knew that I would be a short hop-skip-jump from the Bahamas, a place I’d never visited. I figured it would probably be overrun with tourists but I try not to turn down an opportunity to go someplace I’ve never been, especially if it’s pretty easily accessible. I did a little research and discovered (you know…Christopher Columbus style…😂😂😂) a beautiful garden that looked like something I’ve seen only in France or Italy.

The Cloisters.

I learned that The French Cloisters which sit on Paradise Island in Nassau, are the reconstructed remains of the cloisters of a French monastery. How appropriate! I knew this would be a perfect spot to enjoy a bit of beauty, take some lovely pictures, and just enjoy my quick jaunt to the Bahamas. What I did not know was that it would present to me the most perfect moment.
Strolling through the gardens, which extend from the Nassau Harbour to the One & Only Ocean Club Resort, was a peaceful experience. I was able to frolic in the lovely grass, enjoy the sun on my skin, and just take in the beauty of the vegetation and sculptures surrounding this reconstructed 14th century structure. I enjoyed the sound of wind and birds and ocean in the not-too-far distance, the click-click-clicking of my camera, my own sighs…and then the hummingbird. Halfway down a set of stone steps, the petite creature with wings moving so quickly that they could only be perceived by a light buzzing commanded an immediate stop in the stroll. It hovered there in mid-air, no more than a foot or two away. If you’ve ever been graced by the presence of a hummingbird you know that they move expeditiously (in my mind, with purpose). A quick flight turns into a quick stop and a second later they are gone. My mind was buzzing: “grab your camera, get a picture, no it’ll be gone in a second, enjoy the moment, don’t turn away”. I paused, wide-eyed, and so did time. In that moment I felt that time stood still and all of creation had worked together to engineer this moment just for me. This garden, this peace, this ocean not too far away, this stroll through beauty, this hummingbird.

I’ve had this same feeling a few times, most recently during a hike up Machu Picchu Mountain…a bee, a butterfly, a firefly, a cluster of singing birds…all moments where I felt/knew that all of creation had worked together to show me perfection, encouragement, or a reminder that God was with me. The most perfect moment.

When it came time to design a logo for wedontsitoncouches, I struggled with what the image could be or should be. It had to represent freedom and the earth and light-heartedness. It had to be joyful and graceful and encouraging. After working with a few designers and liking but not loving the end products, I was feeling a bit lost in the process. Then the hummingbird came to mind. That perfect moment came to mind. I contacted yet another graphic designer, shared the blog and the visual that I wanted to capture…and a few days later I opened an email with four options including the hummingbird and the earth. My heart immediately leapt in my chest…I knew I finally had my logo!

A hummingbird in mid-flight taking its nectar and strength from the sweetness of the earth. In all that I do I want to represent this symbol. This freedom, this enjoyment of life, this independence, this presence in the moment, this resilience, this adaptability, this strength, this long-suffering, this courage, this lightness of heart. This is what the hummingbird and the globe mean to me. And this is wedontsitoncouches.

Perhaps you’ve enjoyed this sort of moment in your own life. Perhaps not. But I’m sure if you pause for just a moment, you will find your own perfect moment.


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