A travel blogger’s lament…

Pictures and videos and tales of serendipitous moments atop mountains and beneath water falls. Ten reasons to visit Tuscany, ten things to pack in your carry-on, ten times we almost go arrested, ten road trips you must take. By now we pretty much know what to expect when our favorite travel blogger drops a new post. Their story is going to take us on a journey to a new and exciting place or give us instruction on how not to be the most annoying (read: American) tourist in the outdoor market in Bonaire. But what happens when a travel blogger…needs a trip?!

I know, I know. Shock and awe! How is it possible for a travel blogger to run out of trips?

Enter…me. Tryphena Wade. Your happy-go-lucky blogger who lives to travel and share the beauty of it all with the world.
Now enter a MAJOR job and life change that’s taking some adjustments. Maybe I should give a little back story. And since it’s Thursday, it’s the perfect day to do just that.

#TBT ALERT (i’ll try to keep it quick)…

Once upon a time there was me; a little girl who spent hours upon hours watching PBS and the artsy channels, dreaming of being a professional singer and actor. That same little girl also had a huge desire to see the world. At that time I had Australia (because of koala bears) and Africa (because of natural genetic desire) on the brain. Fast forward many years. That little girl studied theatre at Howard University (#BISON) and eventually moved to NYC to pursue her dreams of being on Broadway. She ended up singing and doing shows  throughout the U.S. and even overseas, so she got the best of both worlds: travel AND performing on stages. And then the big guy called. The big guy, in this case, is a lion…named Mufasa. Yep! Mufasa called and that same little girl (now a grown woman) came running. And for five years she (me…is this confusing?!) traipsed about North America (cuz…Canada) doing 8 shows a week in the hugest production Broadway has ever seen…The Lion King.
That’s right folks! For those of you who didn’t know, I’ve been singing my way across North America for five years as Sarabi (Simba’s mama, Mufasa’s boo, the Queen!) in The Lion King.

PROOF!!! ↓↓↓↓↓


Enough proof? 

The opportunity has been a major blessing and a true dream come true by itself. But what has made it even more amazing is that it has allowed me to see more of this beautiful country and world. All those travels birthed my lovely blog. So it’s been magnificent! But like I always say, all good things must make way for more good things. I decided that I was ready to have a more stable place to live and not pack up my ENTIRE life every four weeks. I love traipsing about but I wanted to be able to come home to MY apartment with MY bed and MY stuff. So I left the North American Tour to move to NYC. And then another dream of mine came true. I was offered a contract with the Broadway company of The Lion King!! WHAT?!?! BROADWAY?!?! DREAM COME TRUE!!!

…hopefully that was quick enough!

So that brings us to the present moment. I’m sitting in my new apartment in NYC. A couch that I ordered weeks ago has just arrived. I’m performing on Broadway. It’s almost spring. Life is good.
…but I need a trip!!

I’m so used to hopping on planes every few weeks, finding new things to discover in places I’ve never been to or places I’ve been to dozens of times, planning the next jaunt to a lovely locale that’ll earn me a new fancy stamp in my passport…and it’s been a little while (a couple of months…which is a WHILE in my world) since any of that has happened.
Now don’t misunderstand me. The transition that is occurring in my life is MUCH prayed for and MUCH desired. I have so many ideas for my blog and what I want to do with it. And I’m so excited to be back in New York city, pursuing my dreams of being on Broadway. At this point, i’m just trying to figure out how to marry it all. I’m also trying to figure out when I’ll have a chance to hop down to an undisclosed island to satisfy my passport’s greed!

What I foresee in the near future is lots of road trips, weekend jaunts, and discovering amazingness in this crazy city that is becoming home away from home (cuz let’s face it, your mom’s house is always TRUE home). New England is simply beautiful and I’m only a short plane ride from London…I’m just saying! I can’t wait to explore in a different way. And my promise is to continue sharing my joy and showing you the beauty of this world through my eyes. Because it IS beautiful…and I can prove it!

In the meantime, I’d love to hear from anyone who’s in NYC or New England. Shoot me a message, leave a comment, let’s chat.
Until next time, remember: #wedontsitoncouches!

11 thoughts on “A travel blogger’s lament…

  1. I was telling my son just yesterday what amazing people Howard attracts. What a job to have had! I get the travel itch too, but scratching it is so much harder… and expensive now. Can’t wait to see where you go next!

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  2. Hi Tryphena, you are coming to Cape Town very soon and I have a friend who could show you around Guguleta, let me know if you want to contact her,
    kind regards,
    Mike Meyer,
    +27(0)83 399 8209

    Liked by 1 person

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