2016 Podcast Episodes

As I mention briefly on Episode 0 I first started podcasting in 2016. I had the opportunity to chat with friends about their personal travels and adventures and highlight individuals in the travel/adventure industry. I am very proud that I was able to share my own personal stories and the stories of travel and triumph that others were gracious enough to share with me. To check out those 11 episodes look/listen below! I hope you enjoy!

Episode 1: Wait! Uhh…so…why don’t we sit on couches? Get a little more information about me and how wedontsitoncouches came to b




Episode 2: A chat with Deidre Mathis. She’s the author of Wanderlust for the Young, Broke, Professional and a business woman who is gearing up to open her hostel in Houston, TX. Connect with Deidre on Instagram.



Episode 3: Solo Dolo. Talkin’ solo travel with Mony Nation. Listen to our chat about solo travel and learn more about Mony’s recent traipse across Europe. Follow Mony’s travels on Instagram and check out her photography and design work at Storied Compositions. Also, read the article I wrote encouraging folks to kick the fear of solo travel


Episode 4: I want to travel but the way my coins are set up… Check out this episode and accompanying article where I share my favorite travel apps and tips on affording travel. You don’t have to be super rich to take that dream trip!



Episode 5: Right. Now. {start living}; a chat with Anne-Marie Agbodji.
Listen to this story of how the death of a loved one encouraged this traveler to rediscover her dreams and take charge of her own life and dreams. And check out the article that made me want to chat with her!


Episode 6: Demario Dailey is a childhood friend and creator of the online community known as Passport Valid. Check out our chat about the community he has created and his goals as he continues to build and move forward. Also, join and follow the community on Instagram and Facebook.



Episode 7: Mia Dunlap took a huge leap of faith when she decided to quit her job and travel for a year. Listen in as we chat about this decision, her background as a teacher and motivational speaker, and her tumultuous childhood that birthed in her The Audacity to Fly. Connect with Mia and follow her travels on Instagram.


Episode 8: Sidra Bing is a content creator and tv/film producer who has always had a desire to speak fluent Spanish. This chat highlights her year abroad teaching in Madrid. Be sure to check out her media work and blog, I Am Layered and connect with her on Instagram.



In light of Recent Events: This week “business as usual” was not an option for me as we dealt with yet another shooting death at the hands of U.S. police. Hear my thoughts and my heart on the matter.



Episode 9: Veronica Garnett is a licensed nutritionist and the creator of the online community Black Adventuristas. In this episode we chat about how a mental health issue encouraged Veronica to live adventurously and create a community that encourages other Black women to take life head on! Connect with Black Adventuristas on Facebook and Instagram.


Episode 10: In this final episode I celebrate my birthday by answering listener questions about my personal life, career, and travels. Enjoy!