**SPA DAY** Glen Ivy Hot Springs

I absolutely love Southern California. Anyplace that allows me to delight in such a variety of climates and landscapes mere miles from one another leaves me joyful. Beaches on the edge of crashing ocean, mountains with ski-able and hike-able peaks, canyons, valleys, and majestic sunsets. It’s a playground for any nature lover. And about 60 miles outside of LA, in the Temescal valley, there is a playground for any spa lover.

Glen Ivy Hot Springs

For less than the price of a typical one-hour massage, you can enter and relax all day in this palatial oasis. Included in your entrance fee are a variety of heated and sulfur pools, cold plunge pools (more on that later), saunas, steam rooms, a large lap pool, a more shallow wading pool, and several lounging areas where you can enjoy hummingbirds flitting about the variety of flora and the peace that comes from being nestled against the walls of Coldwater Canyon. If your spa day requires more specific treatment, you can make an appointment for one of the many body treatments, including facials and massages, priced à la carte.

Two of the most amazing features of Glen Ivy, and the reason I will return whenever I have a chance, are Club Mud and the Moisture Grotto. Club Mud is the area of the spa that features a circular pit of mud made of California Red Earth and full of elements that will soften, tighten, and exfoliate the skin and draw out impurities. You wade into the warm waters of the mud pit, grab a handful of earth, and just start rubbing it in, all over your body and your face. This is the part where a buddy comes in handy because you definitely don’t want to miss your back! If you come alone, no worries! It’s such a fun environment that people are always willing to help you get some of those hard to reach places. Slather it on, lay in the sun or visit the warm room with stone seating (known as Wafa), lay back and just let it harden. When you’re nice and baked, visit one of the many showers to rinse off. You’ll notice softer skin IMMEDIATELY, I promise!!

Once you’ve enjoyed the tightening and softening from the mud, relax a bit. Maybe enjoy the sauna, steam rooms, or pools. Then you must take a visit to the Moisture Grotto. This requires a bit of planning because an appointment at the Grotto is required. You can call to make an appointment before you arrive or when you first check into the spa. You want to avoid the mud after the moisture treatment so be sure to plan your day accordingly! When you arrive to the grotto, you’ll be taken into the underground treatment area and given a basket for your robe (on loan from the spa), slippers (remember to bring our own), and any other belongings. Just to be safe, I suggest leaving valuables in your private locker. Once you’ve put everything away for safekeeping, an attendant will literally paint you (really, with a HUGE paint brush) from the neck down with the warm moisture mask. You are then escorted into the warm Hydrating Chamber where you can lounge (or snooze) under steamy mist, enjoy fruit infused water, and allow your body to absorb all the benefits of hydration. At your leisure, you will move forward to the next room where you can shower off and relax with hot tea, water, and fruit. So. Luxurious!
These are the two features of Glen Ivy that are my favorite…but they could also, potentially, stain that gorgeous white bathing suit of yours so plan your bathing attire with that in mind!

Once you’ve finished with your hydrating treatment, you’ll want to avoid the sulfur pools and anything else that might strip your skin of moisture for an hour or so. This is a great time to relax in the outdoors, read a book, snooze a bit, or have a yummy meal and glass of vino at Café Solé while conversing with friends or making new ones ;-).

Now, you may have noticed my earlier mention of the cold plunge. If you’ve never experienced a cold plunge pool, get ready. You start in one of the warmer features, the sauna, steam room or one of the many hot tubs. Get nice and warm and open up those pores. As soon as you get out of the hot tub, take a few steps to the cold plunge pool and take a dip. You MUST do it quickly because once your foot feels the cold, you’ll want to chicken out. BUT DON’T CHICKEN OUT!! Not only is it an amazing feeling, but there are awesome benefits. The frigid waters on the warmed body help to recharge the circulatory system, tighten and tone the skin, and strengthen the immune system. In order to get the full benefits, you should go back and forth between the warm and cold waters several times. You’ll tingle all over and you’ll love it…just don’t chicken out!! Remember, Fear is Stupid! 🙂

Once you’ve experience all the amenities that Glen Ivy has to offer, the sulfur pools, massages and treatments, Club Mud and the Moisture Grotto, just relax. It’s an all day experience, great solo or with company. If you enjoy the outdoors like me, you’ll be in heaven!

For more info or to make appointments, visit http://www.glenivy.com/glen-ivy-hot-springs/

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