Provencial Panorama

Who hasn’t seen a picture of a lavender field and wondered aloud if it was real? All those perfect rows on those rolling hill, various shades of royalty, blue and violet and purple. I’m not sure when my obsession with lavender began. Really, I’m not sure when my obsession with fragrance began. Growing up, bubble bath ALWAYS had a fragrance. There was no such thing as an unscented bath (to this day I don’t understand the logic behind sitting in a tub of water that smells like…nothing). There was always something with a fruity or spicy essence burning in my house, whether it was a candle or the ol’ skool potpourri; you know the kind that you have to burn on the stove. My mother had no shortage of the ceramic rings that you filled with some scented oil and sat on top of a lightbulb so that the warmth from the bulb would infuse the room with some amazing fragrance. And my mother had her signature fragrance, Trésor by Lancôme. So now that I think about it, I guess my obsession with fragrance is…hereditary? Whatever it is, I got it honest. And now that I’m taking a trip down memory lane, I think my obsession with lavender started when I worked at the International Lavender Depot also known as L’Occitane En Provence. It was one of those jobs that I held right after college while I was waiting to get my real life and career together. One of the many perks was an unlimited amount of amazing things to smell and soak, rub, or anoint myself with and in. All the products are made in Provence and they are well-known for their lavender products known as the ‘Blue Gold’ of Provence. Working there, I encountered a never-ending supply of pictures of the rolling purple fields of Provence. This was, of course, before I’d had the opportunities to travel that I’ve had in more recent years, so my dreams of seeing those fields with my own eyes were just that, distant dreams punctuated by murmurings of “one day”.
Well, that day finally came. About a week ago I finally had the pleasure of chasing beauty, strolling through fields of the blue gold of Provence, allowing my senses to bathe in the sight of fields of purple, close and distant, and the gentle fragrance of pure lavender carried by the strong breeze of the mistral winds. When the winds were quiet all I heard was the constant hiss of cicadas and buzz of bees as they worked in those purple fields. The planning started over a year ago. Research was abundant. I needed to be sure about which town and what time of year would give me the most glorious purple fields before they were cut down to be bundled and sold and distilled into pure essential oils. Really and truly the goal of this trip was to see as many lavender fields as possible. But I added in a winery tour as well as a 3-day road trip for myself. Thankful that the French also drive on the right side of the road, all I needed was a car with a GPS signal and a loose idea of where I wanted to go…and I went.
In this video are bits of Avignon (my home base), the cliffs and clear waters of Fontaine de Vaucluse, the red cliffs of Roussillon, the magnificent lavender fields of Sault and Valensole, the white mountains of the Luberon, the bustling town of Marseille, and the frigid waters and bouldered beaches of Frioul Island and Château d’If. A whirlwind indeed, perfectly punctuated by the gentle fragrance of de Lavande.
Life is but a dream.
And this trip was the sweetest of dreams.

21 thoughts on “Provencial Panorama

  1. I’m not sure if my comment posted so I’ll
    Post it again!


    Thanks for taking us on that journey with you. I felt like I was there. And I appreciate how — even though you’ve gotten this career thing together for the most part…He ain’t done yet — you carried with you into the next “life” your Lavender Love. You’re my hero.

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    1. LOL…Thank you so much Rachee! I had such an amazing time on this vacation and reliving it through the video is so enjoyable. Perhaps you can grab a couple Lavender bundles from a nearby L’Occitane!


  2. Um I’m 100% with you on the bath needs a scent! I grew up w/ scented baths and sometimes my husband will just put our son in a bath of water and I find him and immediately dump something scented in there 🙂 Lavender is one of my favorites actually. I love the way you use words.

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  3. This video (and the blog post) was absolutely AMAZING!!!!!! I am a naturalist and I love nature! Purple is one of my favorite colors, I love water, I love hearing birds sing and I love flowers. I wish I could have been on this trip with you! So now, this has become a dream trip for me! I adore you for sharing this, Queen!

    P.S. I was so impressed that I subscribed to you on YouTube! New subbie and fan here, Queen! 😀

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    1. Aww!! Thank you so much LaQuisha! I really appreciate you reading and commenting and subscribing to my YouTube channel! I guess now I have to be more diligent about posting more videos. But i’m so thankful that you enjoyed what I have to offer. It’s my goal to inspire others with my travels and experiences. Plan your trip and live it up!!!!


  4. How beautiful! I feel like in was there too. I love the way you described the fields and the scents. Thank you for following through on your dream, and for sharing it with us!

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  5. I love lavender and have enjoyed its relaxing scent in Quebec where its also cultivated. Good for you to have started your working career at L’Occitane En Provence. I began at the Old Spaghetti factory – quite a difference!

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