“Il Cristo Degli Abissi”

Between my sky and scuba diving adventures, I have a difficult time figuring out who has it made most; the birds of the air or the fish in the sea. My most recent scuba experience suggests that the fish are the clear winners in this contest. Surrounded by ever-changing shades of blue, darting to and fro from one underwater cave to another, frolicking among colorful coral and worshipping water leaves, those of the finned persuasion clearly have it made.
The focus of my most recent underwater excursion was “Il Cristo Degli Abissi” or “Christ of the Abyss”. This 8.5 foot statue sits in 25 feet of water off Key West, FL. The statue  rests in the Dry Rocks, a domed shaped reef that breaks the surface at low tide. The original “Il Christo Degli Abissi” statue was made for Egidi Cressi and placed in the Mediterranean Sea off Genoa, Italy in 1954. The statue is small but definitely worth the trip. Since it sits in shallow water, it can be seen easily by snorkelers on the surface, but my desire for a closer view required a dive. The domed reef, some of the most beautiful and thriving I’ve ever seen, made the trip all the more worth it. I witnessed fish of all colors and sizes, some solitary and others traveling in schools, some darting about and others, almost in a state of ennui, allowing the rhythm of the ocean to carry them from brain to tube coral. And being allowed to witness and participate in it all, with nothing but the soundtrack of water and bubbles in my ears, is the reason I dive. To be a fish for but a moment…


4 thoughts on ““Il Cristo Degli Abissi”

    1. Definitely give it a try when you have a chance Joanna! I’ve been a certified diver for almost a year and I’ve gone diving so many times already. I absolutely love it! Thanks for reading and commenting.


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