Pampered in Paradise **SPA DAY** Spa del Sol

Wind moving gently through palms. Waves, some lapping, some crashing against shore. Perhaps the sound of troupials darting to and fro, sharing a song between themselves and their creator. The delight of salt sea air as a gentle caress. The smell of tropical flowers and sensual balms being prepared for the skin. This is the experience of Spa del Sol on the tiny island of Aruba in the Dutch Caribbean.

Sitting on the edge of my favourite Aruban beach, Eagle Beach, with a cluster of cabanas that allow you to be pampered while looking out over golden white sand to the crystal turquoise waters of the South Caribbean, this spa provided a perfect finale to a week of relaxation and rejuvenation.

I arrived to the spa with my mother a few moments early, as suggested by the spa receptionist, and had a short while to relax and unwind while we waited for our treatments to begin. The small waiting area, all earth toned, provided cushioned lounge chairs so that we could look out over the beach while we anticipated our time of pampering. We were greeted and ushered to the changing area, a small courtyard full of tropical plants, and given towels to shower and robes to change into. After locking away our belongings, we were greeted by Alina and Marilyn who would be providing our treatments, an hour-long relaxing massage followed by a gentle body exfoliation and moisture application. We were led to our private cabana, a light curtain drawn allowing for privacy while still experiencing the island breeze, and our treatments began.

I enjoyed the relaxing massage while dozing lightly…and I believe my mother did as well. Once the massage was complete, our pampering continued with a gentle exfoliation scented of rose, jasmine, and sandalwood. A quick rinse, then a moisture treatment smelling of the same sensual combination. By this time the sun was lowering itself from the sky, casting golden beams into our cabana and all around the tropical courtyard. My mother marvelled at how luxurious her skin felt, and I couldn’t stop indulging in the wonderful aroma left behind by the exfoliation and moisture treatment.

We changed our clothes quickly and returned to the relaxation area in the lobby where we enjoyed fresh juice as the sun set over the Caribbean Sea.

Light Heat…
Caressing Breeze…
Swaying Palms…
One solitary sailboat, the only thing crossing the path of the setting sun…
This is pampering in paradise.

Spa del Sol:

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