…where the sky kisses the sea.

I’m on the last leg of my island vacation. My time in the sun has been incredibly refreshing and I’m excited for the few days that I have left to be replenished. I have tons of pictures and videos and storie to share. And I also have tons of revelations to tuck away for a later time. But I wanted to share this, now…

This is something that I’m learning and understanding more and more at this time in my life, but I heard it loud and clear a few days ago on the beach. Nature tends to drill home a lot of lessons for me.

“You must experience everything with an open hand. Know that nothing is yours to hoard. Everything you have, everyone you know is precious to you but more precious to Me. Your gifts are yours to enjoy and practice stewardship over, not to hoard as if they are for you only. Experience with an open hand. When it is time for a thing to pass from your hand it will. And when your hand is open to release, you’ll be left with the imprint, residue, memory, and aroma of what was beautiful rather than ripped remnants of what you held too tightly. Allow everything to pass through your realm of experience whole; to you, through you, from you. Do not be afraid of this process. Know that you are never alone. I am with you…always…until the end of the earth…”


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