**SPA DAY** Mii Amo

My love…
Indeed. A spa tucked away in the red rocks of Sedona on the grounds of The Enchantment Resort. Being a lover of spas and a collector of spa experiences, I’d been wanting to discover this place for a while. On a three-day break from work I decided to make this the destination of a quickie vacay. I’ve been in love with Sedona and the beauty and peace of this place for a while and I could only imagine that a spa in the midst of this natural beauty and peace would be just the refresh I needed.
Mii Amo did not disappoint.
My spa day at Mii Amo began with a short walk from my private casita nestled in a red canyon, down a small hill and across a grassy knoll often visited by families of deer. Everything in this place, including the spa, is the color of red desert earth and so, blends in with the surroundings. Upon entering the spa I was greeted by the front desk staff who quickly checked me in and gave me the run down of the accommodations: the outdoor rock garden, the circular meditation room with the opening in the ceiling which reminded me of the Pantheon (one of my favorite Roman edifices), the outdoor pool in a courtyard that kissed the red canyon immediately behind it, and the changing area which included a steam room and cold plunge (one of my favorite parts of any complete spa). I had dedicated this entire day to nurturing and replenishing myself at the spa, so there was no rush as I changed into my bathing suit and robe and laid on an outdoor chaise, allowing the sun and desert warmth to caress my skin. In an environment like this, it’s easy for me to get lost in the relaxation and find myself dozing. And I did, but woke in just enough time to make my way to the indoor relaxation room and have some tea while I waited for my massage therapist who would gently knead any stress from my body.
I love a good massage, and often need one in my line of work. But the treatment is not what I remember most about this place. What sticks with me most is the undeniable beauty of the surroundings. At every turn, in every relaxation area, every cafe, outside every window, peace abounds. As it is cocooned in the Boynton Canyon, the only sounds surrounding are those of caressing and rustling wind, buzzing insects and chirping fowl overhead and water lapping in the pool. You might see the lonely trail of an airplane in the cloudless blue sky overhead or the dear frolicking in the fields of the canyon near by. The harmony of nature and the structure that has become a part of it is what I love and it commands reverence as guests of the resort honor it with minimal conversation.
As if the peace and beauty weren’t enough, the meal prepared for me was not just delicious, but body honoring; a green, organic smoothie and toasted turkey sandwich.
What a way to spend a 3-day getaway; surrounded by the beauty of nature, nestled and nurtured at a canyon spa, fed and replenished by the inherent peace.
This is Mii Amo.

For more of my experience at The Enchantment Resort: https://wedontsitoncouches.com/2014/04/26/236/
For more information about the resort and spa: http://enchantmentresort.com & http://enchantmentresort.com/sedona-spa-miiamo/

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