#wedontsitoncouches in 50 countries!!

To all my Readers, Subscribers, and Supporters:
Thank you so much for reading, commenting, liking, and sharing this journey with me. I’ve reached 50 (+1 as of yesterday morning) countries with #wedontsitoncouches. I’ve shared my journey with you all and your attention and comments have inspired me to continue to share. Here’s a little something that i’ve been working on; a token of my appreciation for all those who have chosen to take this journey with me. It’s a story of freedom, of inspiration, of conquering fear, of living life to the fullest.
I pray that you enjoy what i’ve prepared and continue to follow my journey as I share it with you.

With Love,
Tryphena Wade


One thought on “#wedontsitoncouches in 50 countries!!

  1. Reblogged this on Real Brown Girls and commented:
    Seven months ago I decided to gather my stories of travel and adventure and share them with the masses. I started a blog, wedontsitoncouches.com. The goal was to inspire and encourage people to, as the song says, “get up, get out, and get something”. It has turned into a passion and purpose filled journey and has reached over 50 countries. I’m humbled and spurred on by the response that I have experienced. Here is my tribute to all those who read and share my blog. And to those who haven’t, join the fun! The world is big enough for us all!


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