No victims here!

Earlier this week someone broke into my temporary apartment here in Montreal and helped themselves to some of my personal belongings. Among the items stolen were my computer and my GoPro camera. For the past two days I’ve been using my iPhone to handle all my business and communication. Today, my friend and co-worker offered me his iPad to use until I’m able to get another laptop. I’m truly thankful to everyone who has reached out in kindness to make sure that im ok. Despite the situation, I do not consider myself a victim. I’m blessed that the only things that were taken are just that; things that can be replaced. Someone commented that perhaps #wedontsitoncouches would be placed on hold. My response to that: ABSOLUTELY NOT! Opposition only comes when you’re doing something RIGHT! All I really need is the passion God gave me to share His beautiful creation. As long as I stay on the path set before me, everything else will be provided. I’ve lived that, so I know it to be FACT! I’m inspired everyday by the things I get to see and do and it is my goal to share that inspiration with anyone who will listen. So stay tuned. I’ve only just begun. For now, this is my work space. 
Take. That.


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