…pure joy…

A few years ago (ok…maybe more than just a few) I had the opportunity to work/live on a cruise ship. For eight months I sailed and explored almost every country bordering the Mediterranean as well as a few tiny islands in the Atlantic. During my entire 8 month contract I saw not one single sea creature…alive. I did spot a dead jellyfish on the surface of the water when we were docked in Istanbul, but that was all! Not one dolphin, turtle, whale, NOTHING! I would search the water as people tried to point them out to me but my eyes just couldn’t catch them.
A little while ago, my job took me to Hawaii for two months (I know, AMAZING right?!?!) which allowed me another opportunity to see these gorgeous creatures in the wild with my own eyes. I had an opportunity to do a night time snorkel with manta rays. That was an amazing experience by itself. On the way to the snorkel site, in the light of the most perfect sunset, the whales and dolphins decided to put on a little show. Click the link above for the experience. I’d say this makes up for those 8 months!
Watch carefully. “Waves” turn into dolphin fins and random puffs of sea water reveal something much more majestic.
I hope you get as much of a thrill as I did.

2 thoughts on “…pure joy…

  1. I love the music you put with this beautiful footage….such a magical place and memorable moment…ah I miss HAWAII!


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