22 hours in Dublin…

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They can be a huge headache. If they’re too short, you may find yourself racing through an unknown airport to make your connecting flight. If they’re too long, you may face the hassle of finding a place to sleep for the night while waiting for your morning flight. But I have learned to embrace, and often search for, long layovers. What I have discovered is that layovers often provide awesome opportunities for quick exploration. Let’s face it…nobody LIKES a 20 hour layover. BUT, if you’ve got 20 hours to kill in a new place, why not take advantage of it? I’ve learned to embrace the chances I have to toss my luggage in airport storage, grab a map and my camera, get a new stamp in my passport, and explore whatever random city i’ve landed in. That’s how I “discovered” the beauty of Iceland and knew that I wanted to return there. And that’s how I explored Dublin, Ireland. I haven’t had a chance to get back there, yet. But a quick 22 hours in this gorgeous, green city was enough for me to know that I needed to return.

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