Meet World Traveler Tryphena Wade

Hello All!!
I’m so excited to share a new blog that i’m being featured on, Real Brown Girls. “Our goal is to explore the easiest topics to discuss and those reserved for the quiet space of our minds.”
I’m super excited to be featured on their launch day (today, July 1, 2014) and to be a contributing writer going forward. Please check out the site, support them, soak up everything they have to offer (some of it will be authored by me), and share anything that resonates with you.
With Love,
Tryphena Wade

Real Brown Girls

Introduce yourself, who are you and what would you like us to know?

I am Tryphena Wade. I’m an actor/singer/dancer by profession and a newbie traveller/blogger by passion.
Describe your blog to those who may not know.

My blog focuses on sharing my adventures as I travel for work and leisure.

What was your mission at the outset and has your mission remained the same?

My mission was and still is to share and show that travel abroad, specifically as a single, black woman, does not have to be a scary thought or impossible undertaking. I hope to encourage people to not only get out and see the world around them and abroad, but also to encourage people to take risks and conquer those things that may be a bit scary. I also wNt to just share the beauty of this planet.
What is unique about your blog?

I think…

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