**SPA DAY** The Blue Lagoon

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good spa. Scratch that. I LOVE a GREAT spa. I’ve been a bit of a spa junkie for a while.  And I think i’ve helped birth some fellow junkies!
I love when I have the opportunity to be pampered and cared for in a special way. Unfortunately, many of us do not have the opportunity or access to this kind of pampering but I think we could all learn to allow ourselves the luxury, however large or small it may be, to let others care for us.
About two years ago I had the amazing opportunity to travel and sing in Italy for a few weeks. On my way back to the states I had a 12 hour layover in Iceland. I arrived in the black of night, took a taxi to a hotel to sleep, and woke up the next morning to head back to the airport. The taxi ride was enough to let me know that I NEEDED to return to this place. I immediately started doing research on things to do in Iceland and was introduced to the Blue Lagoon. There was not nearly enough time to make it there during this layover, but I knew i’d have to return to the country if only to have this world famous spa experience. And so I did.
I visited The Blue Lagoon on my third full day in Iceland. I’d rented a car for the day, had an adventurous road trip and then made the 40 minute drive from Reykjavik to the Reykjanes Peninsula. Looking out over a dark, rocky lava field, I spotted the steam rising in the distance. Steam rising had become all too familiar in this country, a hot bed (literally) of geothermal activity. I continued the winding drive and made the first right turn where a couple of signs and a winding stream of steamy, milky blue water led me to the parking lot. Walking along the path bordered by lava rocks, I couldn’t help my excitement. This adventure was a long time coming.

The entrance to the spa is nestled away from the road in the midst of this lava, piled high. I walked into the silver/gray colored lobby area and checked in for my service, the one hour silica indulgence treatment. I had purchased the Premium Experience, highly recommended, which included a comfy robe, towel, slippers, a drink at the fabulous bar in the middle of the lagoon, and a lovely meal at LAVA, one of the dining experiences available at Blue Lagoon. The attendant handed me the robe, slippers, towel, and a wrist band that would identify my perks and ushered me to the changing area. My morning joy ride had taken a bit longer than expected, so I was in a bit of a hurry to make sure that I had a few moments to relax before making my way to the massage area. I rushed past the lockers, large enough for luggage for those coming from or on their way to the airport, into the changing area with smaller lockers, changing rooms, showers, and the like. I secured all of my belongings and entered, or exited to the outdoor lagoon.
The temperature was about 45 degrees F, so stepping out of my robe in nothing but a two piece was a bit of a shock. But stepping into the milky water of the lagoon with steam rising from it was so welcome.
The lagoon is huge and surrounded by the beauty of lava and mossy green mountains. Sometimes, the steam rising from the water was so thick that I could barely see a person only a few feet away. But the day was gorgeous; a clear blue sky enhanced by perfect white clouds. There are stations around the lagoon where you can smear your face and upper body with white silica mud which exfoliates the skin and leaves it soft and silky. The most shallow point reached my mid thigh and the deepest point had me wading up to my chest.
This…is spa heaven!
For those individuals receiving a massage or facial treatment, there is a large digital clock on a far wall so that you know when to make your way to the treatment area. After smearing a bit of mud on myself, I made my way to that designated area where I was greeted by my massage therapist. We waded together (yes, the treatment area is also in water) to a sectioned off area where she had me lay on what looked like a thick yoga mat over a wooden platform. Immediately, I was cocooned in warm towels and my massage mat was removed from the wooden platform and steered through the water. The towels were removed one by one as I was massaged with warm silica mud from the lagoon and scented oils. The only logical thing happened. I fell into a state of being which hovered between a light doze and a deep dream filled sleep; in every dream I was warm and cozy and floating through a steamy paradise.
When my treatment was complete I was left in my steamy, floating paradise until I awoke and made my way slowly to dinner at LAVA, where I dined in my robe…yes…looking out into the lagoon.

I enjoyed dinner, dessert, and wine and returned to the milky blue water, the silica mud, the black sand lagoon, dipping in and out of the caves, under the bridges and relaxing on the lava rocks for a bit longer before preparing to leave for another short road trip.
I LOVE a GREAT spa. The Blue Lagoon was what drew me to Iceland…and it didn’t disappoint!!

A few practical tips:
1) If you can, purchase a package that includes a meal at LAVA. The food is delicious and you won’t have to think about paying for a meal or finding a meal on the way back to Reykjavik.
2) The silica mud found in the lagoon makes the skin soft…and the hair very hard. Conditioner is provided in the changing areas but bring your own if you’re partial to your own brand.
3) You definitely want to give yourself plenty of time to relax in the spa. There are lounges, cafes, and plenty of places outside of the water to relax. Bring a book or your tunes and sunglasses and just chill.
4) Enjoy yourself! Pamper yourself! You deserve it!!

Follow the link below to see what awaits you at Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa!

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