London Quickie…when God wrecks your plans!

I arrived at the airport a little more than two hours before my flight. I had packed light so I had no need to check my bag. I had also checked in online the night before, so I knew that my trip to the ticket counter would be short. All I needed to do was grab my boarding pass and be on my way. After standing at the ticket counter for much longer than it takes to check a passport and print a boarding pass I asked what was happening. “I already checked in online.”
“That’s fine. We’re just trying to find a flight for you.”
“What do you mean? I’m already booked on a flight. I checked in last night online.”
Two attendants stare at me from behind the counter.
“Your flight has been cancelled. We’re trying to find a flight to put you on.”
Silence…for a moment.
A MILLION thoughts race through my mind in about two seconds.
“What do you mean? Why wasn’t I informed?”
A few travelers around me wonder the same thing aloud.
“Im so sorry that you weren’t informed ma’am. At this point the only option we have is a flight out late tonight to Heathrow with a 10 hour layover in London and then a flight out late tomorrow night that will get you to Reykjavik early Tuesday.”
A million more racing thoughts:
I have plans in Reykjavik.
I’ll have to cancel them and reschedule.
Is there time to reschedule?
Yes…yes there’s time.
What am I going to do in London?
I have no hotel lined up there.
Wait. I’ve been wanting to get back to London.
It’s a long flight. I’ll sleep on the plane and spend my layover running around town.
AND I know people in London. I can message them and see if they want to meet up.
Well this inconvenience is looking kinda nice right about now!
London it is!! I called my parents and some friends and informed them of the switcheroo and prepared myself for the later flight.
It was a beautiful day in the city that I visited only once more than 10 years ago. I felt so much excitement for this lovely, surprise wrecking of my plans. I got around the city pretty quickly and had a chance to meet up with a friend for tea in Covent Garden.
And it was a lesson:
Sometimes God will wreck your plans. Often, we become sad or angry when this happens and we don’t stop to think that, perhaps, the “wreck” will end up working in our favor. So instead of having a mini (or not-so-mini) nervous breakdown, embrace the change of plans and enjoy what comes. I decided to have joy in the minor inconvenience and ended up having a glorious day.
God has wrecked a few of my plans recently and i’ve realized that the new course has brought me more joy than my original idea.
So i’m sharing my joy with you!!
Enjoy my ‘London Quickie’!!!

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