Surrounded by Sedona




I have always been amazed by the beauty of this place. I was a junior in high school when I first visited Sedona. I was in my high school’s marching band and we had been invited to march in the Fiesta Bowl Parade in Tempe, AZ. One of the activities planned for us during our down time was a trip to the red rocks of Sedona. I remember the feel of red, sandy grit in my teeth as we blazed a trail through the terrain on a jeep tour. I remember the sight of nature’s majestic red monuments against the perfectly blue sky. I remember the smell of fresh sage and pine and juniper (which was my favourite lotion from Bath and Body Works at the time; Juniper Breeze). The sight of those bright red rocks stayed with me as did the overwhelming peace and beauty of that place.
A couple of years ago I drove through Sedona on the way back to Phoenix from the Grand Canyon. I was driving with a friend and our trip was a lengthy one that had us driving long after the sun had set. In that lack of light there was no way to see the majesty surrounding us, but I remember thinking that I could feel the strength of the mountains, cliffs, and red rocks all around me even though I couldn’t see them.
So this most recent trip to Sedona, in the light, with time to explore and enjoy myself was much anticipated. I stayed at The Enchantment Resort which is nestled cozily and surrounded by the beauty of Boynton Canyon. The resort features a celebrated spa that i’ve been wanting to visit for quite some time so my excitement for this excursion had been building for a while.
After following a long road bordered by red rock and desert to the entrance gate, I was greeted by the first concierge who checked to make sure that I, indeed, had a reservation at the resort and the spa. He gave me instruction on how to continue up the road to the check-in point. I was quickly checked in and my personal concierge led me up the small hills to my personal casita. He then instructed me to call him for any of my needs. “If you ever feel like you don’t want to walk to the spa, just call the concierge and I will come and pick you up.”
WOW! Heaven forbid I walk to the spa on my own legs. Talk about customer service! The view from my little hilltop casita was completely breathtaking at every turn. But what was even more noticeable was the sound…of…peace.
The chirping of the happiest birds alive…
Desert bugs buzzing and floating on sun-rays, from tree to tree and canyon to canyon…
The smell of juniper and sage, pine and evergreen tickling my nose…
I sat on my balcony, watched the occasional lonely white trail of an airplane in a perfectly blue sky, and drank it all in. The afternoon was spent enjoying all this peace on the balcony of my casita and then at the spa where I was able to lounge by the pool and bask in the sun, quite welcome after a few weeks in chilly Seattle. At one point I peeked over the clay red walls and saw a family of deer frolicking in the field between the spa and the canyon. Peace.

The next morning I enjoyed a hot air balloon ride with Red Rock Balloon Adventures, also much anticipated as i’d been wanting to have that experience for a while. Of all places to enjoy floating at an altitude of 5,000 feet, I knew Sedona would not disappoint. I was fetched from my hotel at 5:15am as the first tiny hint of sun appeared making the sky just light enough to see the outline of the canyon surrounding me. The light rose quickly as my group of travelers was transported to the staging area where two balloons were being set up. We all climbed in and, after a few pictures, the balloon operator released the basket from the ropes holding it to the ground and we began a peaceful float upwards. For the next hour we floated above Sedona and the Coconino National Forest as we watched the sunlight paint the sky with light and illuminate the many faces of the red rocks. Enjoying at altitude of 5,000 feet at some moments, it was a beautiful, peaceful ride and the most perfect weather according to the balloon operator. As we neared the top of a town in the distance, our descent began and our chase crew met us as we landed softly on a tiny road. The balloon was disassembled and put away and the experience concluded with a champagne toast.
Back to the resort I went to enjoy a short hike and time by the large resort pool, looking out over Boynton, before my own drive through the canyons to see some of the more famous rock structures before heading to Phoenix for the evening.
More of Boynton Canyon, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock…
More of red rocks turning into white mountain cliffs and forest…
More Peace…
And I’m still amazed by the majesty and beauty of this place…

13 thoughts on “Surrounded by Sedona

  1. You did one of my ultimate bucketlist dreams! I have always wanted to do a hot air balloon tour and this looks simply beautiful! Was it all those people in the balloon with you like that?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sedona is one of my favorite parts of the country. The hot air balloon ride was SO amazing. Napa is also one of my favorite areas to visit. I’ll be there in about a month and I’m hoping to do a balloon ride there! Thank you for reading and commenting!


    1. It’s absolutely the perfect place! Sedona is one of my favorite parts of the country because of this beauty!! This balloon ride was my first and I’ll definitely be doing more!


  2. What a beautiful scene. As a child, I traveled from Northern California to Tennessee on the train and I remember going through an area very similar to this. The red rocks, mountains and flat land seemed to go on forever and ever. Thanks for sharing!

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